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Michael Brodkorb launches new, ‘gentler’ political blog —

He says his new political blog will be nothing like the harsh Minnesota Democrats Exposed blog he created in 2004.

Michael Brodkorb says the new political blog he’s launching,, will be nothing like the harsh Minnesota Democrats Exposed blog he created in 2004.

He knows some won’t believe it, though:

If you’re looking for an updated version of my former blog, you won’t find it on If I put my head out the window, I could probably hear the laughing from some of the Democrats I previously wrote about. will truly be something different, and I encourage you to visit on a regular basis and decide for yourself.

He says he’s still a partisan Republican, but that he’s got a new outlook  from working with DFLers:

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Some of the most enjoyable professional experiences I have had in the last few years have been opportunities to work alongside Democrats and people with differing political ideologies.

So he’s promising a more gentle, kinder analysis of state political news.

Minnesota Democrats Exposed is dead, and won’t be resurrected by him or anyone else, he says.

And in his launch post for the new blog, he does mention the unpleasantness he’s currently involved in with the state of Minnesota, after he was fired from his state Senate job after revelation that he was having an affair with the then-Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch. Both were married to others. Brodkorb has since filed an employment lawsuit against the state, saying he was treated differently than other, female, state staffers who have had affairs with legislators.

He says in the new blog:

 As many know, I’m currently engaged in a legal dispute over my employment with the Minnesota Senate. I will not be able to comment on any aspects of my legal case on Please do not confuse my inability to comment as any lack of understanding on my part about the issues involving my case. At a time appropriate in the future, I will likely have an an opportunity to speak.  Until such a time, I will continue to make little, if any, public statements.