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With redistricting changes, here’s how to find your voting location

Redistricting has changed some polling places, so check with the Secretary of State’s office to be sure you find the right booth on Tuesday.

Redistricting has changed more than the borders for electoral districts. Some folks will vote in different polling places, too.

We’ve lived in the same house for 26 years and always voted at the same place: the back room of the White Bear Library.

But redistricting this year, which changed many districts and precincts, also is sending some voters to different voting places, and for tomorrow’s primary election, we’ll vote at the White Bear Armory.

Ramsey County officials sent a card to the house last month announcing the change of venue, but there’s also an easy “Pollfinder” tool on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website. Just type in your ZIP code and address and it pops up your voting place. You can also find the list of candidates there.

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For questions about voting, you can call the SOS Voter Outreach line at 651-201-1339.