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Sen. Mike Parry stands by comments calling Gov. Dayton ‘scary’

Parry called him “scary” and the “most liberal governor in the United States.”

Sen. Mike Parry, a Republican congressional candidate in the 1st District, is standing by his Monday statements criticizing Gov. Mark Dayton.

Parry, speaking at a yearly fundraiser for the Brown County Republicans, called Dayton “scary” and the “most liberal governor in the United States.”

“When you sit across from [Dayton] and you watch him pop 15 to 16 pills while you’re having a meeting, it’s scary,” Parry told the crowd, which barely reacted. “We all know how scary [President] Obama is. He is at the same level. That’s why I’m here tonight. We have got to take the majority in the House and the Senate. There is no ifs, buts or ands about it, folks.”

Parry also criticized Dayton for proposing to cut veterans’ benefits, which the governor denies.

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Dayton’s deputy chief of staff, Bob Hume, responded in a statement:

“This is the final gasp from a candidate who has nothing to offer the people in the 1st congressional district. The Governor will not stoop to comment on Parry’s vile personal attacks.  However, he does want a retraction of Parry’s lies about funding for Minnesota’s veterans.”

Parry faces Allen Quist in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

The senator stood by his comments at a Tuesday candidate forum at Farmfest. Dayton, meanwhile, told Minnesota Public Radio that he takes medication but called Parry’s claims an exaggeration.

Message on Twitter from Democrats called for Parry to apologize to Dayton, but the congressional candidate declined to do so.