DFLers want Gauthier off the ballot in Duluth legislative race

State Rep. Kerry Gauthier, the District 7B DFLer who withdrew from his re-election race after controversy over his behavior with a 17-year-old boy at a public rest stop, remains on the ballot, even though the DFL has nominated a replacement candidate.

Gauthier dropped out after the filing period had closed, so the rules say his name stays on the ballot.

And that means the replacement candidate, Erik Simonson, has to run a write-in campaign. Republican Travis Silvers is also in the race.

Now the DFL Pparty and Simonson have filed a lawsuit to get Gauthier’s name off the ballot.

MPR has a statement from DFL Party Chair Ken Martin about the party’s petition to the state Supreme Court:

“Our primary concern in filing this petition is ensuring a fair election for the people of District 7B. In every other district in the state this fall, voters will have a chance to choose among candidates who are actively campaigning and who carry the endorsement of a major political party, and it should be no different in Duluth.

“Minnesota statute clearly outlines the process by which a candidate can withdraw from an election, and for an endorsed candidate to appear on the ballot. We have followed that process and are hopeful that the Court will see fit to provide voters in District 7B with a fair election that allows them to choose among those endorsed candidates who are actually seeking their vote and prepared to serve if elected.”

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  1. Submitted by Bob Petersen on 09/17/2012 - 08:07 am.

    Concern for fair election?

    Since when are party chairs ever concerned for a fair election? The DFL boy declined to run after the rules. Now the DFL wants to not play by the rules? If they wanted to right person on the ballot, they should have figured it out on who is on their slate beforehand.

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