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Gauthier’s name stays on absentee ballot because of deadline

He withdrew too late to get his name off the ballot, and the state Supreme Court hasn’t acted on the case.

State Rep. Kerry Gauthier, who tried to withdraw from his re-election bid after he was stopped by police at a rest stop after a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy, remains on the absentee ballot that is being distributed already in Duluth.

Gauthier and the DFL Party had asked the state Supreme Court to replace him on the ballot with the newly DFL-endorsed candidate, Erik Simonson.

But no word came from the court, so St. Louis County Auditor Don Dicklich went ahead with printing the absentee ballots, with Gauthier as the candidate, says the Fargo Forum.

The paper said officials waited until the last minute but had to send out overseas absentee ballots on Friday to meet state and federal deadlines.

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So Simonson will continue to run his write-in campaign against Republican candidate Travis Silvers.

Also running a write-in campaign is Duluth City Council Member Jay Fosle.