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Minnesota ‘Liberty’ Republicans don’t like Romney ‘cherry-picking’ parts of ObamaCare

Mitt Romney’s statement Sunday on “Meet the Press” didn’t go over well with key Minnesota Republicans who supported Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney’s statement Sunday on “Meet the Press” that he’d keep some parts of the Affordable Care Act in place if he’s elected didn’t go over well with key Minnesota Republicans who supported Ron Paul.

Minnesota RNC delegation chair Marianne Stebbins and fellow delegate Craig Westover sent a statement Monday decrying Romney’s avowal to keep parts of ObamaCare, including the provisions to cover those with pre-existing conditions and keeping young adults on their parents’ policies.

Stebbins, a leader of the ‘Liberty’ Republicans in Minnesota, was the chair of the Minnesota delegation that cast 33 of the 40 delegates for Paul at last month’s Republican National Convention.

Many Liberty Republicans have pledged support for Romney, Westover said, “… but ‘loyal support’ includes making it known when the candidate drifts from republican principles. A Republican candidate should not be talking about replacing one government plan with another; a Republican candidate should be talking about replacing a government plan with a free market approach to health care that puts health care decisions in the hands of individuals and their doctors.”

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Said Stebbins:

“Romney’s statement that he intends to replace ObamaCare with his own plan validates the Liberty Republican position that the general election is simply a contest of ‘my big government is better than your big government.’ The Liberty Republican position is a Republican president should be taking about how we move away from government plans to a free-market health care system, not cherry picking bits and pieces of one big government plan to create another big government plan.
“Cherry-picking bits and pieces of ObamaCare as Romney does compromises the fundamental principle of individual liberty and endorses the un-republican and extra-constitutional notion that government has the authority and the ability to manage individual health care decisions.”

Said Westover:

“Romney’s position confirms what Liberty Republicans have been saying for some time: The most significant debate in American politics today is not between the Democrat and Republican candidates for President; the most significant debate in American politics today is taking place within the Republican Party. The most significant debate in American Politics is between a genuine belief in individual liberty and limited government and exploiting liberty and limited government as expedient talking points.
“Democrats are saying they can manage the economy and individual lives better than the market and individuals can. Republicans are arguing we can manage the economy and individual lives better than Democrats can. The facts are it is not a constitutional function of the President and Congress to manage the economy, and the President and Congress cannot effectively manage an economy determined by tens of millions of individuals making hundreds of millions individual choices every day.”

Stebbins likened government power to the ring in Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” saying:

“Romney believes that unlike an ‘evil’ Obama, he can use the absolute power of government to create a ‘good’ health care plan. Liberty Republicans know better. We know power corrupts. The Republican objective should not be winning the election so Romney can impose his idea of ‘good’ on the American people. A Republican Romney should be about winning the election so he can throw the One Ring of government power into the fire of the Constitution.”