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Rochester viewers get extra campaign TV ads, thanks to Iowa battleground

Ads aimed at Hawkeye State voters are broadcast from Minnesota border area stations.

Rochester television viewers are seeing tons of campaign ads this election season, thanks to an emphasis on Iowa by the presidential contenders.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin analyzed ads in its area and found lots of money flowing into the Rochester-Austin-Mason City television market to try to influence voters.

The paper says that, as of Aug. 26, $1.3 million had been spent by the presidential campaigns and groups supporting the nominees in the Rochester-Austin-Mason City market to buy 8,895 ad spots.

The story says there have been an average of 51 campaign ads per day on the local stations.

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And there are more on the way.

The paper quotes Hamline University law professor David Schultz, a go-to pundit on campaigns:

“I suspect you will see an increasing number of ads, an increasing number of bombardments for the people of the Rochester area for these ads for Iowa. And it will be for Iowa. It won’t be for Minnesota.”

The story also says:

Also worth noting is that the Romney campaign hasn’t spent any money on TV ads locally. Instead, nonprofit political advocacy groups such as Americans for Prosperity and political action committees including Concerned Women for America are the ones paying for advertising. By comparison, virtually all of the spending in support of Obama is being done by the president’s official campaign.