Expensive Downey-Franzen Senate race heating up

The state Senate race in Edina (District 49) seems to keep getting hotter and ever more costly.

Rep. Keith Downey
Rep. Keith Downey

Rep. Keith Downey, who  is giving up his House seat in an effort to fill the Senate seat held by Republican Geoff Michel for the last decade, finds himself in what most believe is a huge tussle with DFLer Melisa Franzen.

How big is the fight?

Friday morning, the state’s Republican Party put out a message to the party faithful that financial support for Downey is needed because “money is pouring into the district from outside liberal groups, making this quite possibly the most expensive legislative race in the state. … Keith’s opponent has been endorsed by far-left liberal Senator Al Franken who is helping bring in even more outside money.’’

On Thursday, the Downey campaign put out a statement defending his vote for a 2011 health and human services bill that was vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton.

Melisa Franzen
Melisa Franzen

But Franken isn’t the only one endorsing Franzen. On Thursday, her campaign announced that she’d received the endorsements of former Vice President Walter Mondale and former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson.

Those endorsements, the Franzen campaign claimed, “reflect Franzen’s appeal to moderate and independent voters that are pro-business and who value honest fiscal responsibility but who reject extremist effort to legislate social issues.’’

DFL strategists have made no secret of the fact they’re attempting to get out the word that Downey was a supporter of the proposed marriage amendment.

This race, all parties agree, is going down to the wire and could prove to be one of those swing seats that determine which party ends up with majority control in the Senate.

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 10/26/2012 - 04:46 pm.

    I’d vote her.

    Really. I would.

  2. Submitted by Grace McGarvie on 10/27/2012 - 06:27 am.

    Go Melissa

    Melissa may be part of the DFL “sweep clean the senate”. Michel’s spot will be wonderfully filled with a person of character.

  3. Submitted by Jackson Cage on 10/27/2012 - 09:59 am.

    Mee too

    In fact, I’m going to vote for her 6 times…and I don’t even live in her district. Because, without voter ID, that’s what everyone is doing.

  4. Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 10/27/2012 - 11:40 am.

    Without suppressing votes via the phony GOP voter-impersonation scheme (the only ones committing voter-impersonation fraud, it seems, are Republicans–a Texas GOP official who voted there and in PA the last time around!), all DFLers living outside the district who support her have to do is send her a little bit of money for her campaign. Or take active part in her campaign. Or speak out on a forum about crazy right-wing paranoias about the fake voter-fraud issue of impersonation.

    What right-wingers are most afraid of, is candidates like her who are sane, reasonable, willing to work with everyone in the interests of the whole community, and on public issues rather than our private lives.

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