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Gov. Dayton and Arne Carlson team up on voting amendment ‘Vote No’ ad

The governors, one elected as a DFLer and the other as a Republican, urge voters of all stripes to oppose the voting amendment.

A new ad from a group opposing the voting amendment features Gov. Mark Dayton and former Gov. Arne Carlson, who urge Democrats, Republicans and Independents to vote no.

In a split-screen shot, Carlson is on the left and Dayton on the right.

The ad is from Our Vote Our Future, the lead group opposing the voting amendment.

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Dayton is a DFLer and Carlson was the Republican governor from 1991 to 1999. Current state Republican leaders, though, say he’s not really a Republican anymore because he endorsed President Obama in 2008 and Tim Walz and Jim Graves in congressional races, as well as opposing both of the social conservatives’ constitutional amendments on this ballot.

The script:

Governor Carlson: This Voter Restriction Amendment is way too costly.

Governor Dayton: And it would keep thousands of seniors from voting.

Governor Carlson: It would also cost local communities tens of millions of dollars just to start.

Governor Dayton: And it will make it harder for active duty military to vote, too.

Governor Carlson: Also, we’d have to create an entirely new elections system.

 Governor Dayton: And it basically ends same-day registration.

 Governor Carlson: If you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, please Vote No.

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This is not good for Minnesota.

 Governor Dayton: Send it back to the legislature and make them get it right. Please Vote No.