Ramsey County Board votes to oppose voting amendment

The Ramsey County Board voted Tuesday to oppose the voting amendment that will be on the statewide November ballot.

The board voted 6-1 on the resolution; voting against it was Janice Rettman, who typically is the only vote against tax hikes. She said she doesn’t think the board should take a stand on such political issues.

But the other commissioners noted that the cost of required voting changes would be passed along to the counties. Board members estimated it would cost Ramsey County $1.25 million to implement the changes.

They also don’t like the idea that the amendment would affect same-day registration in the state.

Last month, county officials told county election manager Joe Mansky to stop speaking at local events about the proposed amendment, after complaints were raised by Republicans that he was taking  a side on the issue.

Mansky had been attending public meetings to give factual information about the impact of the proposed changes, but County Manager Heather Worthington asked him to stop, to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest.

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