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Rochester woman says chair hanging from noose represents Obama but isn't hate speech

A Rochester woman has hung a chair from a tree with a noose and says it refers to President Obama.

Laura Mulholland told the Rochester Post-Bulletin that she and her husband got the idea from Clint Eastwood's speech to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention.

There's also a shotgun and bayonet attached to the chair; the bayonet because of the president's comments about "horses and bayonets" in the third debate, she said.

Says the paper:

Mulholland said she doesn’t consider the display a form of hate speech and doesn’t hold animosity toward blacks. She said the display isn’t meant as a direct threat to Obama.

And the paper quotes her saying:

"I do not wish President Obama or his family any harm, none whatsoever. He might be a great guy. I don't know. But as president he has done a poor job."

She said her husband doesn’t wish the Obamas any harm, either. “We just would like to see them go back to Chicago,” she said.

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Comments (3)

Too much hate

Just because they say it's not hate speech doesn't make it so. Hanging a black man on a noose for all the public to see? Yeah...that's not hate speech at all.


I agree with Mac. Just because she said it's not hate speech... And if it wasn't, it sure was a rather dumb way to express it.


needs to get out among normal people more often.