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U of M Alumni Association asks legislative candidates about higher-education support

Only one in four responded to questionnaire. but those who did indicate strong support for the U.

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association sent questionnaires to all 396 candidates for the state Legislature, asking about support for the University and higher education.

The  104 candidates who responded — about one in four — were overwhelmingly in support of increased state support of higher education and opposed to additional research restrictions, the Alumni Association reports today.

Most of those responding were DFL candidates.

The breakdown of those responding:

  • 87 DFL
  • 12 GOP
  • 3 Independence Party
  • 2 Other parties

Responses to the association’s four questions showed:

  • 94 percent favor increased state financial support for higher education;
  • 88 percent oppose additional research restrictions;
  • 93 percent support funding for the clinical training of health professionals;
  • 91 percent support capital investment in the university.

Some, though, included comments that indicated they must take any potential higher-education budget increases in context to the overall state budget situation.

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The group notes that it does not endorse candidates but wants “to assist the U of M’s 250,000-plus alumni who live and work in Minnesota to make informed voting decisions.”