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War veteran featured in ad for ‘Vote No’ on voting amendment

Iraq war veteran Alex Erickson says the voting amendment language doesn’t include military IDs as valid ID for voting purposes.

The latest ad against the voting amendment from the Our Vote Our Future group features Iraq war veteran Alex Erickson of Minneapolis, who says military IDs might not be considered valid under the proposal that will be on the statewide ballot next month.

In the ad, Erickson says:

“The Voter Restriction Amendment might seem like a good idea, but when the Legislature put it on the ballot, they screwed it up.

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“To them, military IDs aren’t valid IDs, which means this amendment takes away a basic freedom from people who gave a whole lot.

“Let’s send this back, and make them fix it.”

Luchelle Stevens, campaign manager for Our Vote Our Future, says the wording of the Minnesota proposal doesn’t protect military members.

 “While other states have taken care to do so, the Legislature failed to safeguard the voting rights of these brave men and women when they placed the amendment on the ballot. Minnesotans should honor their sacrifice by voting no on Nov. 6,” Stevens said in a statement.