Catholic teen denied confirmation because of Facebook ‘Vote No’ photo

A 17-year-old Barnesville teen, who posted a picture on Facebook urging a no vote on the Minnesota marriage amendment, wasn’t allowed to be confirmed in his Catholic Church.

According to a story in the Fargo Forum, Lennon Cihak’s family members say they aren’t allowed to received communion, either, at Assumption Church in Barnesville. And the boy’s father is worried he won’t be allowed to be buried in the church cemetery next to his parents.

Cihak, who wasn’t old enough to vote on the constitutional amendment that was defeated last week in Minnesota, had posted a photo earlier this fall of himself holding a “Vote Yes” sign that had been altered to say “Vote No.”

The Rev. Gary LaMoine refused to let Cihak be confirmed during the church’s October ceremony, even though the boy had gone through the required preparation, which included volunteer work in the community.

The boy’s mother, Shana Cihak, said:

“You kind of know the Catholic beliefs, but I never thought they would deny somebody confirmation because you weren’t 100 percent. I guess that’s what shocks me.”

The mother said she’d contacted Bishop Michael Hoeppner of the Catholic Diocese in Crookston, but was told not much could be done, the story said.

The paper was unable to get comments from either the priest or the bishop.

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  1. Submitted by Hiram Foster on 11/15/2012 - 02:16 pm.


    It’s sad when you get stories like this. It’s pretty clear under Catholic doctrine, given these facts, and assuming there are no more relevant facts, that the young man should have been confirmed.

  2. Submitted by Jeremy Powers on 11/15/2012 - 02:27 pm.

    Apparently there must be so many Catholics…

    They don’t need any more.

  3. Submitted by Jon Muhich on 11/16/2012 - 06:46 am.

    One can agree or disagree with Christopher Hitchens,

    but taking a look at the world today, it’s not difficult for me to agree that religion poisons everything.Being so very involved politically this year, the church should lose tax-exempt status.No?

  4. Submitted by Edward Matson on 11/22/2012 - 01:56 pm.

    Catholic view on homosexuality

    It’s amazing to me that in light of all the negative press regarding sexual misconduct among Priests that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church would not let this young man be confirmed . Shame on them . Many years ago , a priest told me that in the final analysis, it doesn’t matter a damn what the church thinks but rather what you and God understand as CONSCIENCE . I just read an article of how in 2006 the church settled line 6 million dollars in payment for priests who have been found GUILTY of sexual misconduct . Also , some Catholic Bishops who had told people that the priests would be defrocked were actually MOVED to a different parish . It’s convenient how the Catholic Church takes a stand on gay marriage but condones sexual abuse of minors . And by simply moving a pedophile is in part sticking up for him I’m sorry . It’s child abuse and it’s sick .. I wonder what Christ thinks about HIS church that has become filled with so much hypocrisy . ??

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