Dean Barkley makes YouTube ad for his state Supreme Court bid

Dean Barkley, who’s running in Tuesday’s election for an associate justice seat on the Minnesota Supreme Court, has made a YouTube video ad pushing his candidacy.

Barkley was a driving force behind the Independence Party in Minnesota and helped get Gov. Jesse Ventura elected in 1998. Ventura then appointed Barkley to fill the remaining two months of Sen. Paul Wellstone’s term in 2002, following the plane crash that killed Wellstone, his wife and daughter and five others.

Barkley also ran for U.S. Senate in the 2008 race that ended with Al Franken beating incumbent Norm Coleman in a tight election decided by a recount.

Barkley is challenging incumbent Supreme Court Justice Barry Anderson in Tuesday’s election. Anderson was appointed to the court in 2004 by then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Barkley says in his video that while he’s an independent, Anderson is a conservative who sided with former Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty in some key decisions.

In an election primer produced by the League of Women Voters, Anderson says he has 14 years experience as a judge and says:

 As a member of the Judicial Council, the statewide governing board for the judiciary, and as both an experienced judge and lawyer with a background in both urban and greater Minnesota, I am well positioned to deal with the challenges that face our courts in the years ahead.

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