Even before taking office, new Spring Grove mayor demands end to road work

Bruce Poole ran for mayor of Spring Grove, in southeastern Minnesota, on a platform to stop the planned reconstruction of Main Street, which he and others thought was too expensive.

And he won, beating the incumbent, Sandra Solum, by 39 votes.

Now Poole is incensed to learn that the defeated mayor and the city council are continuing to work on getting funding for the project, which has been in the works since 2004, says the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

So Poole is demanding that the city “confirm in writing that no further action will be taken on the Main Street reconstruction project, and any meetings, hearings or other scheduled activity will be postponed until the new mayor and council take their positions.”

Solum, though, who still has a few weeks left as mayor, told the paper: “We have not done anything that was not already planned.”

Said the paper:

[Solum] believes the project is needed and now is the right time to do it because it can get $1.5 million from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to defray the total cost, which could reach $4.2 million. Spring Grove also has received a $25,000 grant to plant trees. Also, with low interest rates and cuts in other city programs, the city’s cost could drop, Solum said.

In the letter to the city, Poole said  he will “commence legal action to seek injunctive relief to restrain further action on the Main Street reconstruction project.”

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