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Duluth City Council asks for reduced military spending to help the deficit

The Duluth City Council joined in the call for federal budget reduction by cutting military spending.

The council voted 5-3 this week to approve a measure asking for an emphasis on military cuts as Congress works to reduce the deficit, says the Duluth News Tribune.

Minneapolis and St. Paul city councils have passed similar measures, the paper said, as have councils in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Hartford, Conn. Des Moines is looking at doing it, too.

The paper quotes City Council Member Sharla Gardner, who introduced the resolution, saying that funding for cities has decreased as the nation fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“This is something we need to start having a conversation about as a community and a country,” she said.

But Council Member Garry Krause voted no, noting the city needs jobs provided by the 148th Air National Guard Wing and the U.S. Coast Guard.

“This is a real complex thing,” he said. “It (military spending) is so interwoven into our community. I don’t believe now is the time to pass something like this.”

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