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Two non-citizens charged with voter fraud in Austin, Minn.

One says he didn’t understand the voting process.

Two brothers in Austin, Minn., who have permanent resident status in the U.S. but aren’t citizens, have been charged with voter fraud.

The felony charge is: ineligible voter who knowingly voted.

William and Braulio Manzano, who spoke to police with the help of an interpreter, had checked the box on their voter application to indicate that they were not U.S. citizens, but then filled out the rest of the application and signed a line that said they are citizens, says the Austin Daily Herald.

And they told police that they had voted in the election.

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Said the story:

Braulio admitted to voting, according to the court complaint, because he didn’t understand the application and didn’t know he had to be a naturalized citizen to vote.