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Former GOP Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb critically injured in car crash

Michael Brodkorb
Michael Brodkorb

Michael Brodkorb, the former Minnesota state Senate staffer who is embroiled in a lawsuit over his firing, was reported in critical condition after a car crash on I-35E in Mendota Heights Wednesday night.

His was driving northbound about 9:15 p.m. on the freeway when his car hit a wall and then swerved across three lanes, a State Patrol report says. The report also says that Brodkorb, 39, was not wearing a seat belt and that alcohol use was detected at the scene, the Star Tribune reports. He was alone in the car.

Brodkorb had been a hard-charging Republican activist before being hired as communications head for the state Senate GOP. But his involvement in an affair with then Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch led to her downfall and, later, his firing.

He's contesting the firing, claiming  discrimination because female legislative aides who had affairs with legislators were not fired.

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Comments (7)

Geez, that sucks

Hope the good doctors at Regions Hospital can patch him up.

We can only wish him well

Car crash, bummer. Hope he recovers soon.

Too bad

I hope he fully recovers.

Everytime I read in an accident report

that a seat belt wasn't worn, I know the injuries are always going to be more serious. Please, wear your seat belt whenever you're driving or riding in a vehicle.

Mr. Brodkorb, I Doubt I've Ever Agreed with You on Anything

But I wish you well and hope (and pray) for your full recovery.

You've given yourself a rough couple of years.

I hope you'll find your way into better times (and discover how you might begin to create better times for yourself, those who love you, and ALL the citizens of Minnesota) as you recover from your injuries.

Not drinking...

...and driving is a good idea too.

Speedy recovery.

Best wishes and speedy. We can give thanks that no one else was injured.