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Gov. Dayton learns some take Facebook 'jokes' seriously

Gov. Mark Dayton posted an update on Facebook this morning about his recovery from back surgery over the holidays. And he tried to be funny.

The governor noted that he's improving daily, and:

In response to all of the well-intended admonitions, yes, I am doing my physical therapy faithfully, if not always joyfully.

and he said that's he's:

...on the modified Adrian Peterson rehab program, so my progress is not quite as noticeable as his. However, the only time I’ve ever been called “All Day Dayton” was once, when I was being timed on a mile run.

That was kind of funny.

But then he added:

 If it goes well, I’ll be “back” on a public schedule, starting Tuesday, January 22nd, when I’ll present my proposed budget for the next biennium, as required by state law. If not, I’ll invoke the obscure clause in the Minnesota Constitution, which allows me a one-time, two-month extension.

That's what caused the confusion. There is no constitutional extension, of course.

But some took seriously his joke about postponing his budget address and tweeted about it.

So an hour later he posted this:

My previous post was serious about my recovery, and trying to be humorous about delaying my budget proposal. There is no postponement being sought. I just wanted to see if anyone reads this stuff!

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