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Gov. Dayton’s office launches budget proposal website

The governor is looking for citizen buy-in, as he faces the tough task of persuading legislators to accept his plan.

Gov. Mark Dayton has put up a budget proposal website that includes links to all aspects of his plan to increase state revenue by raising income tax rates for top earners and broadening the state sales tax, while lowering the overall rate.

It includes links to breakdowns of the plan for education, jobs, reform, transformation and taxes.

There’s also a section on regional impacts of the budget proposal. For example, Duluth:

Dayton Budget for Duluth – By the Numbers

  • $500 property tax rebate for Duluth homeowners
  • 1% of St. Louis County taxpayers will pay more in income tax
  • 3,645 Duluth college students who receive State Grant Program funding
  • $300 increase in financial aid for each State Grant Program recipient
  • 14.9% property tax reduction for St. Louis County homeowners
  • $823 funding increase per student for Duluth public schools

Impact on Average St. Louis County Family

  • Median St. Louis County Household Income: $67,223
  • Median St. Louis County Home Value: $147,900
  • Property Tax Relief: $516
  • Income Tax: No Change
  • Sales Tax: No Net Change
  • Total $516: Tax Cut.

There’s also a “budget toolkit” for the media and others wanting quick access to many budget pages. Both sites will  be updated regularly, the governor’s office says.