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Iowa State said 'no' when Pawlenty wanted $25,000 to speak during presidential run

When former Gov. Tim Pawlenty was running for president last year, the Harkin Institute of Public Policy at Iowa State University wanted him to give a speech there.

But when Pawlenty's agent said the fee would be $25,000, plus expenses, university officials decided to pass, AP reports.

It happened after Pawlenty's poor showing in the Iowa Straw Poll.

A university official said the tradition in Iowa is not to pay for politicians' speeches, because they all flock there looking for publicity as part of the Iowa caucuses.

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Comments (2)

Totally inconsistent

Am I totally naive, or isn't totally inconsistent with his smaller government principles that Pawlenty, or any Republican for that matter, would expect a public institution of higher learning to shell out $25,000+ just so they can campaign on the campus? (Democrats shouldn't do it either.)

Although a very short article, more information like this needs to get to the public on how campaigns work.

Slow learner

He was told by the voter he was pushing the wrong message. Now he can't sell his message either. Tpaw it is time for a real job, one where you just might become productive and become an asset to society. So far, not so much.