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Minnesota Republicans meet to ask: 'Where do we go from here?'

Some Minnesota GOP leaders will meet in Arden Hill Wednesday evening for a panel discussion on the party's woes.

"Minnesota Republican Party: Where Do We Go From Here?" will be at the Blue Fox Bar & Grill in Arden Hills from 7 to 9 p.m.

Presented by True North and Real Capitol View, organizers say they'll consider: "What went wrong in 2012 and moving forward in 2013."

Moderators are Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson and radio host Mitch Berg.

Scheduled panelists are:

  • Walter Hudson
  • Sarah Janecek
  • Andy Parrish
  • Dan Severson
  • Mariann Stebbins
  • Mark Westpfahl

Admission is free, but attendees are on their own for food and drinks.

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You Are Losing!

Granted the Republican's have a messenger problem, but "They still insist that the problem is not what they believe, but how they express it. “We do not need to change what we believe as conservatives — our principles are timeless,” “But we do need to reorient our focus to the place where conservatism thrives — in the real world beyond the Washington Beltway, so says Bobby Jindal.” There is no place Republican conservatism is thriving. That is why they are losing elections. It is just like the football team that keeps losing, but they keep saying we have a good team. No you don't, YOU ARE LOSING!
The national Republican Party is looking at some tactical adjustments that might help their nominee, [better nominees, and then the tactics would be a big improvement] including limiting the number of debates in which their primary candidates engage. Heck, don't do that, the Democrats are loving it as you prove to the nation you don't have any party direction or party leaders. Your last leader ran for president, lost, and then said he didn't want it anyway. So why did he waste the electorates time if he didn't want the office anyway. I guess the good news is it did fleece the big Republican donors of huge sums of money, proving they can't buy elections. The republicans never admit their real problems are the message as well as the messenger. Keep thinking that way and you will keep losing. You have the analysis right, "Stop being the stupid party", but you don't have the right corrective actions. You don't have the right Republican principles if all your priciples do is alienate over half of the country. You have Ryan, McConnell, Cantor, Boehner, Palin, Bachmann, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, etc., etc. in your corner but not a one of them is helping you because they are operating from the extreme fringe driven edge of your party. Find the moderates that still know how to spell and use the word compromise. Republicans, if you continue to think you are right then you are a long long way from exiting the political wilderness.