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Quist back on the campaign trail, says he'll run for open state House seat

Allen Quist says he'll seek the GOP endorsement for the open state House seat in District 19A.

Quist will face Jim Golgart when party members hold an endorsing convention Thursday. Both had said they'll abide by the party endorsement.

The seat is open because DFL state Rep. Terry Morrow accepted a new job in Chicago after winning re-election in November. Gov. Mark Dayton has not yet set a special election date.

Quist served three terms in the state House in the 1980s and has run twice for governor and Congress. He lost to Tim Walz in the 1st District congressional race in November.

Golgart is a Le Sueur County Veterans Services officer who came in third last year in a primary bid for the Nicollet County Board.

Three DFLers are also seeking endorsement to run for the Morrow seat:

  • Clark Johnson, a faculty member at Minnesota State University.
  • Karl Johnson, a North Mankato farmer.
  • Robin Courrier, a teacher and head of the local teachers union.

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Quist redux

He isn't even good for comic relief anymore. Time to hang it up, Mr. Q.