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Brainerd talk show host, council member at odds in radio spat

When Guy Green had a talk show on Brainerd's 3Wi radio, he used to rail on the air against City Council Member Gary Scheeler.

While Scheeler might have a tough skin as a politician, as a businessman he wasn't pleased. So Scheeler pulled his ads from the station, figuring he shouldn't pay to be lambasted.

Soon after, Green lost his radio show.

Now, Green is asking the City Council to remove Scheeler from the council, says the Brainerd Dispatch. Green claims Scheeler used his political clout to pressure station management to end the show.

But Scheeler's lawyer, Ed Shaw, says the council member didn't try to kill the show; he simply pulled his business' 90-second ads "because he didn’t want to continue advertising on a station that attacked him by calling him names and criticizing his business," the story says.

Scheeler owns Brainerd Country Power & Equipment, according to his campaign website.

Brainerd Mayor James Wallin told the paper that Green's comments at a recent council meeting calling for Scheeler's removal were "abusive."

Wallin said: "[Green] is bitter. He was bitter because of not having his radio show. In reality, Gary [Scheeler] did what he wanted to do as a businessman...Gary [Scheeler] is very conscientious and is as fine of a gentleman as you can imagine."

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