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City ruling: Member who tried to resign can’t get off the Kiester City Council

Thye council and mayor wouldn’t accept the resignation of a council member who overstepped his bounds.

Kiester City Council Member Dean Johnson offered to resign his position, after it was determined that he overstepped his official duties. But the rest of the council said no.

Johnson had apparently contacted a family member of a Kiester homeowner regarding possible shutoff of utilities for non-payment of bills, said the Mankato Free Press. City officials say communication between the city and property owners should only come from the city clerk.

Johnson apologized at a special meeting, and said his resignation would be in the city’s best interests.

But because he broke no law, the mayor and council decided to make it a teachable moment.

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“What he did was unacceptable, and we talked about the way we have to act,” Mayor Jeanne Brooks said. “It’s a learning process when you’re a council person, and he’s only been on the council two years.”

And, the mayor said, the homeowner who’d been contacted by Johnson told the city that the council member should keep his seat.