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Diversity hiring goals set for Vikings stadium construction

Officials responsible for building the new billion-dollar Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis have set hiring goals for minority and women workers, but say it will be a challenge to find enough such workers in Minnesota.

MPR reports that the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority adopted a plan for the hiring goals Friday:

The Legislature included a 32 percent minority workforce goal in the stadium legislation signed by Gov. Mark Dayton this spring. It also included a goal to have women as 6 percent of the workforce.

Authority Chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen, though, said the goal will be tough to meet with skilled Minnesota workers, because there likely aren't enough.

But the intent, she said, was never to import minority workers to fill the jobs:

"That clearly was not the intention of the governor or the Legislature when they put this together," she said. "It's about Minnesota jobs. So we need to meet any of these targeted goals within the Minnesota companies and Minnesota workforce."

So the plan is to encourage training programs to prepare more local workers for those jobs.

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Wouldn't it be better to get the stadium financing in order before we start handing out contracts?