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GOP Sen. Petersen: ‘Freedom’ principles support gay marriage

Republicans were active on the gay marriage issue Wednesday, with one GOP senator elaborating on his role as a co-author supporting legalization and a  spokesman for the GOP Senate caucus confirming members are considering alternative legislation.

 “I think limited-government conservatives are interested in engaging on this issue,” said Sen. Branden Petersen.

 Peterson elaborated in a statement he released late Wednesday afternoon. “As a strong proponent of limited government, conservative principles and individual liberty, I’m proud to support legislation that would extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in the state of Minnesota … I strongly believe that true freedom means freedom for everyone.”

 In an interview, Petersen said the general tone of his fellow caucus members is one of openness. “Not all are supportive of my ideas [but] I think there are people who are starting to come to terms on the issue.”

Senate GOP Communications Director Brad Biers said Minority Leader David Hann had no comment on Petersen’s position but said there was a “casual discussion” of whether Republicans would counter with more limited legislation that would legalize civil unions or domestic partnership status for gay couples.

Petersen said he’s already had “a lot of feedback” from people in his district in Andover. “It spans the whole spectrum. People are vehemently opposed and elated and everything in between,” he said.

In his own case, Petersen said he believes that people in his district are more sophisticated and will consider the principles behind his decision.

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  1. Submitted by Tom Clark on 02/21/2013 - 09:10 am.

    It’s kinda funny

    To see this change of heart after Republicans marched in lockstep in support of a constitutional amendment limiting said “freedom”. Which makes plain what a cynical ploy for votes it actually was.

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