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Some Republicans want to see Dayton-Emmer rematch in 2014

An effort to draft Tom Emmer to run again against Gov. Mark Dayton has been registered with regulators, the AP reports.

No response yet about the possible rematch from Emmer, who lost the 2010 election to Dayton by about 9,000 votes in a three-way race.

The draft was started by former Republican state Rep. Doug Wardlow of Eagan.

Emmer now works as a conservative radio talk show host.

Dayton's popularity has been high recently. A fall poll in the Star Tribune showed 53 percent of likely voters approve of his job performance while 31 percent disapproved.

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Comments (1)

I want to see that match-up too.

Governor Dayton has proven himself to be a very effective leader. The Republicans are too busy to participate as they are trying to figure out who they are and where they are going. Tom Emmer continues to be nothing more than a windbag that lacks leadership skills. I don't believe it will be the match-up the Republicans think it will be.

When I think of the Republican Party, I see it as inverted concentric circles. The center circle is made up of the extremists running the party. Going outward, the next circle contains the zealots. The next circle is where the political ideologues reside. Next are the pseudo conservatives. The outer ring contains the moderates who have all been pushed aside. When they get the circle back into the correct order, the Republicans will become a viable party again. Until then, they are doing nothing but wasting everyone's time. They have the correct analysis of their party and the start to becoming a better party when they say they have to stop being the stupid party. It is, however, a long way to the edge of the political wilderness because they are still in the denial phase of making meaningful changes.