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Republican businessman Scott Honour launches run for governor

Scott Honour, a Republican businessman from Wayzata, has launched a campaign for governor with a new website.

MinnPost’s Cyndy Brucato last month mentioned Honour as a possible GOP challenger, as the Republican Party searches for a candidate to take on Gov. Mark Dayton.

Brucato wrote that

The outlier and outsider is 44-year-old Honour, who recently retired from the Gores Group venture capital firm. In a news release, the firm said Honour was leaving to “focus on public service and charitable activities.” In an email, Honour said he was not yet giving any interviews.

Honour raised money for Tim Pawlenty’s presidential run, then joined the Romney team, where Minnesotans involved in the Romney effort say he more than exceeded expectations. He’s considered politically astute if not experienced and well connected and respected. At the Chris Christie fundraiser last week at the Edina Country Club, political guru Vin Weber concluded the event by calling on Honour to give the last speech. 

On his website, Honour says he wants to use his business experience to attract new residents:

“The impact of our state tax and regulatory policies can literally be seen on our borders. For instance, Fargo has outgrown Moorhead seven to one since 1980. They’re not moving there for the pheasants. Look at the difference in tax rates and the business rankings of Minnesota versus North Dakota.  There’s the answer.”

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  1. Submitted by Jackson Cage on 04/24/2013 - 03:47 pm.

    There’s the answer?

    So comparing Fargo to Moorhead is conclusive proof? I guess I’d be inclined to switch around his attributes…”He’s well connected if not politically astute, experienced and respected.”

  2. Submitted by Todd Hintz on 04/24/2013 - 04:30 pm.


    I’m not sure I would want to compare North Dakota to Minnesota. They have only 14% the population Minnesota has, so I would say we can afford to send a few people from Moorehead to Fargo. Our median income is $13,000 more than ND to boot.

    Looking at 1980 to 2003 figures, Minnesota’s population grew by 24%. North Dakota? They fell by 3%. Is this really what we want to emulate?

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