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Gay marriage: Opponents say passage will hurt religious liberties in Minnesota

Opponents in Minnesota will hold a Monday press conference featuring New Yorkers to outline what they call “drastic and negative” consequences of gay marriage.

Opponents of gay-marriage legislation in the Minnesota Legislature will hold a press conference Monday to discuss their belief that gay marriage laws tamper with religious liberties.

They’re bringing in people from New York who will talk about the problems they face with that state’s gay marriage legislation.

In announcing the event, the organizers say:

“The consequences of redefining marriage are drastic, negative, and far-reaching — and many of them are not yet even known. For their own sake and the sake of Minnesota’s children who will be left to face these known and unknown consequences, the Minnesota Legislature must stop the overreaching and dogmatic push by same-sex ‘marriage’ proponents.”

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Scheduled to be at the 1 p.m. event at the Capitol are:

  • Professor Teresa Collett, University of St. Thomas Law School; 
  • The Rev. Jerry McAfee, New Salem Missionary Baptist Church;
  • Paul Gavic, businessman; 
  • Bishop Richard Howell, Shiloh Temple International Ministries; 
  • Jason Adkins, executive director, Minnesota Catholic Conference;
  • John Helmberger, CEO, Minnesota Family Council; 
  • Laura Fotusky, a New York town clerk; 
  • Rose Belforti, a New York town clerk; 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gifford, owners of Liberty Ridge Farm, NY; 
  • The Rev. Jason J. McGuire, Executive Director, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms; 
  • Autumn Leva, director of governmental affairs & communications, Minnesota for  Marriage.