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Kim Rubin, Bachmann’s scheduler and office manager, profiled in Roll Call

She’s been with Bachmann since 2006 and doesn’t mind the ups and downs in the office of the controversial 6th District representative.

Kim Rubin, the scheduler and office manager who’s worked for Michele Bachmann since the congresswoman was elected in 2006, says she’s not bothered by the constant action in the high-profile office.

Rubin is profiled in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill publication. Says the story:

In an office that’s often the center of media attention and with a member who certainly isn’t afraid of controversy, Rubin doesn’t let any crisis bother her for too long.

“It’s usually not something that’s going to linger. It’s just happening at that point,” she said. “I try not to get into the heat of the moment.”

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But that doesn’t mean she’s willing to let the ball drop where her role in the office in concerned.

“If something doesn’t go right, I take that personally. It’s my job to make sure the day flows,” she said.

Last year, Rubin took a break from the congressional office to work on Bachmann’s presidential campaign. Of that lively but short-lived campaign, she said:

“I know what details are like on the congressional side, but to see what goes into each day and how many people are involved, and the logistics — it was just fascinating.”