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Bear researcher Lynn Rogers, who lost permits, to seek Dayton’s help

The DNR pulled his permits to track bears with radio collars and video, so he’s appealing to the Ddepartment’s boss.

Northern Minnesota bear researcher Lynn Rogers, who’s known for tracking black bears with radio collars and video cameras, lost his permits last month because the DNR ruled he hasn’t published enough lately and because they believe some of his bears are becoming too friendly with humans.

But Rogers is taking his case to the top: On Monday he’s scheduled to meet with the DNR’s boss, Gov. Mark Dayton.

MPR says the governor’s office has confirmed the meeting.

On this blog earlier this month, Rogers said he’s expecting the governor will give him a fair hearing on his last-ditch appeal to get the permits renewed:

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We’re hoping and praying for fairness and an investigation into the allegations the DNR has made public — allegations that discredit us as scientists. Given the public accusations, we can’t back down. But the strong statements the DNR is making about us makes it hard for them to back down, too. We believe Governor Mark Dayton will be fair despite his strong loyalty to his commissioner. We’re trying to think of ways both sides can come to agreement.