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Michele Bachmann re-enters public eye with some bipartisan words but also more attacks on Obamacare

MinnPost photo by Brian Halliday
Rep. Michele Bachmann greets an attendee of the I-94 West Chamber of Commerce meeting in Elk River.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann emerged from her blackout on public appearances Friday with more warnings on the problems of Obamacare and an acknowledgement that the unrelenting pressure of congressional campaigning was part of her decision to not seek another term. 

At a speech and question-and-answer session at the I-94 West Chamber of Commerce meeting in Elk River, Bachmann showed no signs of stress over the legal problems of her failed presidential campaign and appeared to want to put controversy behind her.

She spoke of working in bipartisan fashion on the group’s goal to expand I-94 west of Highway 101.  

 “I had a wonderful working relationship with our governor, Mark Dayton, to get the bridge built in Stillwater. I think we can work with Governor Dayton. I encourage all of you to work with him, work with our senators,” she told the group of 50.  “This is not a partisan issue in any way.  This is as bipartisan as you can get.”

She also sympathized with another Chamber complaint, the Affordable Care Act.

“The No. 1 reason we are failing to see more jobs being created is because of the president’s health care plan,” she said.  

She attacked Obama’s decision this week to modify some requirements as “the arbitrary nature of what the federal government is doing in decision-making.”

Bachmann said later in a brief interview that one of the highlights of her term of service is alerting the nation to the potential problems of the president’s health care plan.

“I made Obamacare an issue [in her presidential campaign],” she said. “That’s why even the president is admitting it’s not working and the chief author is calling it a train wreck.”

Minnesota should be the model for substitute legislation, she said. “Minnesota has been a leader in innovation — the Minute Clinics — very effective.  We want to be nimble, innovative and always cost-effective.”

Bachmann was not without the sweeping generalizations that have caused her problems in the past.

“We have a problem right now with granting amnesty to illegal aliens,” she said on one hot-button issue. She cited studies that showed that jobs are lost and wages depressed because of the president’s policy of “ongoing rolling amnesty with no possibility of deportation.”

On the environment, she accused Obama of a “magic wand trick” for enforcing his policy on cap-and-trade emissions. “The cap-and-trade agenda just this last week shut down a coal-fired plant in Ohio,” she said. “You’re going to see that repeated over and over and over again.”

But after concluding her speech and posing for pictures, Bachmann offered a more pensive tone. The pace of a member of Congress had taken a toll, she said. 

“We’ll have a break in August, and I’m hoping I will have some time to think about it a little more, about what my next move is going to be,” she said. “I just want to have a space of time so I can think. That’s one of the problems and hazards with Congress  — that you go at such a fast pace, it’s tough to even think sometimes. That’s not good.

“Not being in Congress or running for Congress, that frees me from doing parades, from doing fundraising.  I was very involved in both of those activities. I’m relieved of the necessity of doing those, so I’ll have that time.”

And she insisted that her family has been the source of her strength. “My husband has had some health challenges, so I’ve tried to be very careful with him,” she said. “What’s worked well for us is that we’re tag-teamers. We’ve really swapped roles throughout our marriage. That’s worked really well.”

Her voice, she promised at the start of her speech, will continue to be heard.

And she will make good on that promise as soon as Sunday, when Bachmann is scheduled to re-join the morning talk shows with a 9 a.m. appearance on ABC News’ “This Week.”

Comments (16)

  1. Submitted by Neal Rovick on 07/12/2013 - 04:47 pm.

    So, what is her alternative to Obamacare?

    Minute Clinics? Impersonal couple of minutes with someone you’ve never seen before?

    Is Marcus Bachmann being treated in a Minute Clinic? I don’t think so.

    Our health care in the US? 37th in the OECD/JAMA survey–between Poland and Chile.

    See figure 4 of this link:

    By the way, the Switzerland citizenship would gain her access to the third best healthcare in the world, not the 37th.

    • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 07/12/2013 - 07:29 pm.

      Heart surgery

      Can’t get it at a Minute Clinic.
      But then, la Michelllle admits that she talks first and thinks later (if at all).

  2. Submitted by Amy Farland on 07/12/2013 - 06:36 pm.

    Bachmann’s Opinions

    Who Cares?

  3. Submitted by Jon Kingstad on 07/12/2013 - 09:19 pm.

    Cap and trade. .

    ““The cap-and-trade agenda just this last week shut down a coal-fired plant in Ohio,” she said. “You’re going to see that repeated over and over and over again.””

    Does Michele Bachmann really believe climate change is a hoax, like Sen. James Inhofe? Now that the Congresswoman has stopped for a moment in her frenetic quest for power, maybe she might consider that “cap and trade” is not really an evil liberal plot to return us all to the Middle Ages and slavery but a bona fide and worthwhile means of dealing with climate change. Maybe she could read some informative books on the problem of climate change and what thoughtful and honest people have been doing to help our nation and world to a 350 ppm carbon dioxide emission level.

    As bonkers as I believe the Congresswoman to have been, I have never believed her to be the sort of person who would do something like giving a dog rat poison or a bowl of antifreeze to drink. Her continued refusal to face the facts about climate change puts her among the sort of people who would.

  4. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 07/13/2013 - 11:13 am.


    A woman without ANY answers. All she knows is she has to be against anything the other side is for. In her brief presidential run she found out in short order she is on the wrong page with the rest of her party as well as the rest of the country. The bright light of a spot light is far more important than working for the country. She decided not to run again because she saw her district and the country are fed up with her antics of falsehoods and zealot positions on everything. This is the chance for the Republican’s to show they are serious about party change by who they put forward. Don’t hold your breath for a changed party.

  5. Submitted by mark wallek on 07/13/2013 - 05:56 pm.

    It’s not about now

    Whatever is coming out of her mouth, it’s all about setting up for the next income/power streams she’ll be operating. What a worthless term of service at too high a cost. It is galling that she will claim a government pension on our tax dollars for such worthless service.

  6. Submitted by Jon Scoll on 07/15/2013 - 06:57 am.

    What Cap and Trade Program?

    Rep. Bachmann refers to a federal “cap and trade” program that does not exist. Legislation that would have established one passed the House but died in the Senate in President Obama’s first term. If she is referring to the President’s recently-announced intent to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from coal fired electric generating plants, using existing EPA authorities, she knows that actual implementing of this program will take regulations requiring months, if not years, to develop. No power plant, in Ohio or anywhere else, has thus been “shut down” by the President’s announcement. It is disappointing to see an influential elected official deliberately sabotage the public discussion of the complex policy issues involved in GHG control.

  7. Submitted by Rich Crose on 07/14/2013 - 11:24 am.

    Why did we send her to Washington?

    I thought she went to Washington to fix problems, not complain about them.

    Talk is cheap.

  8. Submitted by ALAN BELISLE on 07/14/2013 - 12:09 pm.

    The future

    Anyone want to bet that MB will be commentating on Fox within the next couple of years? The jump from party line stooge to propagandist is a small one but very lucrative.

  9. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 07/14/2013 - 05:52 pm.

    One can only dream…

    I had a dream a night ago that Paul Wellstone was alive and was President of good old USA and the late poet Bill Holm of “Coming Home Crazy” was Paul’s Vice President and the late, great plains poet Tom McGrath was Secretary of State…and ‘our-man-in-Russia’ was Snowden; now the President’s adviser on Constitutional integrity preserving free speech and the Right of Privacy.

    …plus old Michelle B. couldn’t be spotted by the eager beaver media but was allegedly hiding; low profile indeed, in the tall corn rows in Iowa trying to seek asylum in some European country that will accept her. Even Norway said ” Don’t ask us. Uffda!”

    Then a couple of resident crows woke me up hoping for a morning meal.

    May the maudlin gods among us – media, publicist or public power broker – who only entertain rather than seriously investigate worthy news and continue this excessive coverage…may they at least, recognize the absurdity in soaping (titillating some I suppose) with another MB story too, too often?

    Better a dream than a nightmare?

  10. Submitted by Ray Marshall on 07/15/2013 - 07:47 am.

    Why does the DFL hate women?

    Rather, Why does the DFL hate women who are not DFLers?
    Is it that they are afraid of them?

    If a Republican went after Amy Klobuchar, criticizing her for inexperience, etc., 10,000 DFLers, would be screaming about hate speech, misogyny, etc.

    • Submitted by Jackson Cage on 07/15/2013 - 08:25 am.

      You can’t be serious Ray???

      You ARE aware there are other GOP women in Congress? You are aware of GOP campaigns against Dem women such as Nancy Pelosi? Jeezus Ray, you might want to take off the partisan blinders yourself!

    • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 07/15/2013 - 09:46 am.

      That old one

      I put it up there with “liberals are the real racists, because they talk about racism.”

      Ray, are you saying women are too fragile to be criticized for their policy positions? Or have the Republicans rediscovered their historic commitment to feminism, and plan to revive the ERA?

  11. Submitted by Pat McGee on 07/15/2013 - 08:29 am.

    Cyndy & Shelley

    Time for them both to retire. MB for all the reasons that have been said hundreds of times. And, Cyndy, for how she gives everyone a pass to publish their press releases instead of asking any hard questions.

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