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Ramsey and Hennepin county boards approve $10 per car wheelage tax

The Hennepin and Ramsey county boards each approved a $10 wheelage tax Tuesday and will use the extra millions to repair and replace roads.

In Ramsey County, officials say an additional $3.8 million will be raised annually with the new tax. In Hennepin County, the estimate is $8.7 million a year.

The money is considered a user tax; vehicle owners will pay the surcharge with their annual license registration fees. Motorcycles are exempt.

Previously, the Legislature had authorized metro counties to collect a $5 per vehicle wheelage tax. This year, the amount was raised to $10 and extends to the entire state, if county boards authorize it. Anoka, Washington, Carver, Scott and Dakota have been collecting the $5 tax. It appears that all except Anoka County will raise it to $10.

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