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Groups worried about religious freedom under new marriage law will hold forum

Several groups concerned that there will be attacks on religious freedom under the new marriage law will hold a day-long forum Oct. 24 in St. Paul.

The Minnesota Religious Freedom Forum is sponsored by the Minnesota Family Council, the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the Alliance Defending Freedom and Transform Minnesota.

Organizers invite people to join "clergy, religious non-profit leaders, small business owners, legal & other licensed professionals, individual employees, educators and other concerned Minnesotans, to learn about emerging threats to religious liberty in Minnesota and beyond."

They say those attending will:

"Learn practical legal information from legal experts to help people of faith understand how to exercise their religious liberties in a society where government policy or public opinion often contradict sincere religious beliefs."

They say there will be answers to questions such as:

  • How can I protect my religious liberty under new marriage and anti-discrimination laws?
  • Am I allowed to hire only people who share my organization's religious beliefs?
  • Where do I turn if I'm threatened with legal or other consequences for living out my faith?

The Oct. 24 conference will run from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at St. Paul RiverCentre. Advance registration is $30; it's $45 at the door.

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Comments (3)

Should be simple

There shouldn't be too much controversy over this. (1) You can't force others to live by your particular religious views. (2) If you call other people names, they can call you names too.

What else is there?

The sky won't fall, in spite of what the MN Family Council says

NEWS FLASH - The sky didn't fall once the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of same sex marriage.

If Tom Prichard, Alan Quist or any other Conservative Christian doesn't want to get married to a dude...that's OK! And the fact that Russell and Steve or Debbie and Eve do choose to get married probably will have little or no effect on their loving heterosexual church sanctioned unions.

Mike Triggs - Former Executive Director of the Minnesota Republican Party

I think the biggest question

I think the biggest question is: How truthful will those offering the free legal advice be?

Looking at the sponsors of this event, it seems like a perfect place to spread more lies, more half truths, more opportunities to organize the self righteous for future political action. It might be kind of fun to attend, just to challenge them with facts.