MNsure to double-check 30,000 applications for tax credit qualification

MNsure, the state’s health insurance exchange, is double-checking some applications to see if a glitch on the website might have given incorrect information about federal tax credits or coverage.

The Pioneer Press reports that MNsure is re-running information on at least 30,000 applications to see if they qualify for the Medicaid or MinnesotaCare public health insurance programs.

“It’s possible that in some cases (consumers) were told they were eligible for one program, but the final determination is telling them they’re eligible for a different program,” said Chuck Johnson, deputy commissioner for the state Department of Human Services, which administers the programs.

Also, some might have been told they don’t qualify for tax credits, or were given incorrect estimates for the size of their credits, John Reich, a spokesman for the state health exchange, told the paper.

Officials said the system has been fixed to solve the problem going forward.

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  1. Submitted by Stephen Dent on 11/27/2013 - 02:43 pm.

    My thoughts about MnSure

    After BC/BS raised my individual premium by over $150.00 per month – from $522. to $675. (for a healthy middle-age man) I turned to MnSure for relief. To date, my experience has been horrible. I filled out all the required information, discovered I was NOT eligible for any tax credit or subsidy (I’m fine with that for a lower rate). Then, I went to Enroll in a Plan and, well, all I get is error message after error message. I can’t enroll in a plan. So I called the Call Center, and while the person was nice enough, he could not resolve the issue. A note to my state House Representative and Senator got me thanks for keeping them informed, but no fix to get me past Enroll in a Plan. The e-mail to the governor’s office has gone unnoticed, as far as I can tell.

    I think our MnSure system is no better than what I’ve read about the Federal system and the customer care person told me many, many people are having the same difficulties as I am.

    Perhaps you should do a story on how we’re failing the citizens of Minnesota with a system, that, quite honestly and from first hand experience, does not work.

  2. Submitted by Rebecca Hoover on 11/27/2013 - 04:30 pm.

    Can anyone enroll????? !#$#%#%$@#

    My language has taken a turn for the worse since encountering the MnSure system. I filled out the basic information on Oct. 2, 2012, but have not been able to enroll in any plans. The system simply does not work. In various web sites, I see many, many individuals complaining about the fact that the MnSure software does not work and has not worked since it was launched.

    In the meantime, the MnSure staff are set for long, leisurely long weekend. They have no worries. Their insurance is provided by the state. Most of the help line employees don’t seem a bit concerned about what is happening to folks trying to buy insurance on the MnSure site. This is not government at its best.

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