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18 Minnesota legislators sign national letter asking Congress to fund early education

They’re among 500 state legislators from 49 states asking the Congressional Budget Committee to make early education a priority.

Eighteen Minnesota legislators joined with colleagues around the country in sending a letter to the Congressional Budget Committee calling for it to make early education funding a priority in budget decisions.

The letter signed by 500 legislators from 49 states said:

 “We believe that maintaining and expanding high quality early childhood education is an effective and efficient expenditure even when budgets are tight. We urge you to make these investments in young children a priority in your deliberations.”

Supporters says it’s a bipartisan effort from red and blue states, but all 18 Minnesota signers are DFLers.

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They are: Rep. Connie Bernardy, Sen. Kevin Dahle, Rep. Jim Davnie,Sen. Chris Eaton, Rep. Patti Fritz,Rep. Laurie Halverson, Rep. Melissa Hortman, Sen. Alice Johnson, Rep. Carlos Mariani,Rep. Paul Marquart,Rep. Rena Moran,Rep. Joe Mullery,Rep. Jerry Newton,Rep. Joe Radinovich, Rep. Yvonne Selcer, Rep. Linda Slocum, Rep. Paul Thissen andSen. Chuck Wiger.

Concludes the letter:

“Early childhood education is a practical, not partisan issue. We hear demand for it every day from parents, educators, business leaders, communities of faith, and Democrats and Republicans alike. Your budget negotiations present an opportunity to rally around something on which the vast majority of Americans agree: children are our greatest resource, and quality early learning is one of the best investments we can make in their future and ours.”