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Gov. Dayton to have hip surgery Feb. 6 at Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic truly has become a Destination Medical Center for Gov. Mark Dayton. Next week, he’s scheduled to have a third procedure there in just over a year.

Doctors at Mayo previously operated on his back in December, 2012 and last October gave him an injection to heal a torn muscle.

On Feb. 6, he’ll undergo hip surgery. Afterwards, he’ll wear a brace that will restrict his travel for up to three months but won’t otherwise interfere with his gubernatorial duties, his office said.

Dayton is running for re-election.

According to his office:

The procedure will reattach the major hip tendons to the bone around the hip joint. Several tests have revealed that these tendons have become detached from the bone, and the muscle shows early signs of disuse atrophy. According to Mayo, surgery is the most effective option to help with pain, prevent further muscle atrophy, and restore functionality and mobility.

Rochester and the Mayo Clinic are in the midst of a $6 billion project to upgrade the medical facilities there over the next decades. It’s called Destination Medical Center, and involves $585 million in public subsidies for infrastructure and other improvements.

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