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State’s three political parties agree: Feb. 4 precinct caucuses are important

Leaders of the Republican, DFL and Independence parties will hold a joint press conference next Tuesday to stress the importance of attending precinct caucuses.

It’s a non-presidential election year, which means that voters are less likely to attend precinct caucuses and become engaged in the election process than they do when the White House is at stake.

But the 2014 state-wide elections will be a crucial test for the political parties in Minnesota, with a U.S. Senate seat, the governorship and control of the Legislature at stake.

So the leaders of the three political parties in Minnesota are working together to remind voters to attend their respective Feb. 4 precinct caucuses.

On Tuesday, Keith Downey, chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota; Mark Jenkins, chairman of the Independence Party of Minnesota; and Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota DFL, will hold a joint press conference to stress the importance of the caucus system to the state’s political process.

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Evening precinct caucuses are typically held in neighborhood schools or other meeting places. They’re the first step in developing party platforms and choosing delegates who will ultimately vote for party endorsements in the political races.

The three-way press conference will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Room 125 at the state Capitol.