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University of Minnesota makes ‘Most Interesting Place to Go to College’ list

UW-Madison and Iowa also show up on the Huffington Post list of 19 colleges that are set in interesting places.

Not that we needed another list of “best colleges for…” — but the Huffington Post has come up with 19 institutions of higher education that it calls “The Most Interesting Places To Go To College.”

And the University of Minnesota makes the cut. So does UW-Madison and the University of Iowa.

The U of M’s winning locale attributes are:

The Twin Cities were cool before cool became hip, it’s official. But being one of the coldest areas, it makes those hip beards and flannels more practical. There’s actually a great music scene in the Twin Cities; it gave birth to Prince, Bob Dylan, Motion City Soundtrack and The Hold Steady, among others. Add in a great collection of record stores, unique restaurants and solid alt-news sourcess, it’s crazy to think all of this can be found in the same place a big state university — with a killer hockey program — is at.

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Others on the list include UC-Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, USC, Drake, Sarah Lawrence and Alabama.

You gotta love the Madison description:

UW-Madison is sort of a hidden gem in the Midwest. It’s a party school, named the “sexiest” school in the country, throws an epic party that the administration hates, and has alum Anders Holm of “Workaholics” fame as the commencement speaker. Speaking of comedy, The Onion was founded there in 1988. Not to mention, with big sports programs and a diverse population you get everything else a flagship university usually comes with. If anything, the only downside would be the snow. But when that happens, you just gather everyone for an EPIC snowball fight.

The list is subjective, the list makers admit:

College is a time to find yourself, to enjoy your youth, to make and mistakes and learn outside of the classroom, so you might as well go somewhere interesting…

What might be interesting to one person could be boring to the next, so each school included brings its own unique qualities that makes it interesting.

Sometimes you just want to know where you’re going to have a good time and this list should help.