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Five Minnesota state representatives will try weeklong test of living on the minimum wage

The group members will assume they earn only $7.25 an hour, then set a budget, go shopping and try to find housing.

Five Minnesota state House members say they will spend the next week learning what it’s like to live on the minimum wage.

Taking part in the Minimum Wage Challenge, which kicks off today, are these DFL state representatives:

  • Karen Clark, Minneapolis
  • Frank Hornstein, Minneapolis
  • John Lesch, St. Paul
  • Jason Metsa, Virginia
  • Shannon Savick, Wells

The group’s agenda for the week:

  • Set a budget for the week, allowing for spending on food, housing, transportation and other expenses
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Search for affordable housing

On the last day, they say they’ll have a “reality check” meeting with low-wage workers to hear about their actual experience of living on a $7.25 hourly minimum wage.

State Rep. Ryan Winkler of Golden Valley is sponsoring a minimum-wage hike bill and will kick off the challenge. Supporters hope to raise it to $9.50 an hour or more.

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