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LRT operators begin practicing on the Green Line route

Green Line operator training begins Feb. 24, as the Central Corridor gears up to begin running in June.

More light rail cars will begin running next week on the Green Line route between the Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown centers, as more than 100 operators get behind-the-wheel training.

So look both ways when crossing streets, project managers say.

“Staying off tracks and practicing other safe habits around trains takes on a heightened importance,” said Mike Conlon, Metro Transit’s director of
rail and bus safety.

When the training starts on Monday:

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Weekday roundtrips for light rail trains will occur as often as 10 minutes apart between Lowertown St. Paul and the connection with the Blue Line [in downtown Minneapolis.]

The training runs are for 61 newly hired and certified Green Line operators and 58 Blue Line operators and their instructors. The operators already know how to run the trains.

The purpose of the trips is to familiarize them with the Green Line route, stations, standard operating procedures and other features.

Traffic is not expected to be affected during training, as the trains follow traffic signals. And the trains normally won’t go more than 35 mph during training or when actual service begins. They’ll go even slower in downtown St. Paul and through the University of Minnesota.