Minnesota officials to Volkswagen: After Tennessee trouble, come to the Iron Range

Come to Minnesota, Volkswagen. We love unions here.

That’s the gist of a letter sent to VW America by state Sen. David Tomassoni, the veteran Chisholm lawmaker and chair of the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.

The letter, also signed by state DEED Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben and IRRRB Commissioner Tony Sertich, is a response to reports that Tennessee lawmakers were considering cutting subsidies to the car-making plant in Chattanooga, where unionizing efforts were defeated earlier this month.

Before the vote, top Tennessee officials had threatened to curtail additional incentives because VW was reportedly in favor of the unionization effort.

The UAW is now appealing the vote.

Says Thomassoni in the letter to VW of America President Michael Horn:

“While these anti-union efforts strongly displease us, we think we can offer you some options. Since Volkswagen is considering expanding its production, please keep Minnesota in mind. We have economic incentives to offer your company and would never threaten to withhold them as a result of a company’s successful business model.”

The letter concludes:

“Unionized work forces don’t scare us here in Minnesota, we value companies and the employees that make them successful. Consider this an open inviatation to visit Minnesota, and we encourage you to think of our state as a possible future location for a Volkswagen plant.”

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  1. Submitted by THOMAS REYNOLDS on 03/02/2014 - 09:30 am.

    Automobiles, Planes, and Trains

    Northern Minnesota welcomes all with great shipping, great workforce, and local steel capabilities. Come to Minnesota…

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