Minnesota’s Erik Paulsen gets an assist in congressional hockey-game fundraiser

In a rare congressional win, a team of lawmaking hockey players, including Minnesota’s 3rd District Congressman Erik Paulsen, beat a team of Washington lobbyists Wednesday night in a charity event.

(“House of Cards” watchers might not be  surprised that the lobbyists somehow managed to lose to those they are busy lobbying every other day of the year.)

The annual Congressional Hockey Challenge raised money for a number of charities, including the USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program that helps wounded veterans.

Paulsen played center and got an assist in the 7-5 victory.

He was the only Minnesotan on the lawmaker’s team; there was a lobbyist on the ice named Chris Coleman, but it wasn’t the St. Paul mayor (although the mayor does lobby a fair bit as president of the National League of Cities). A spectator said the Coleman on the ice last night was much bigger than St. Paul’s version.

Before the game, Paulsen said:

“Getting out on the ice with my colleagues is a great way to have some fun for the love of hockey and a cause that has no partisan boundaries. More importantly, this event raises money for some great charities that support our nation’s wounded veterans and provide college scholarships for inner city youth.”

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