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No GOP endorsement for state Rep. Jenifer Loon after her support of same-sex marriage

State Rep. Jenifer Loon, one of four Republican lawmakers who voted last year in favor of gay marriage, did not receive party endorsement for re-election Saturday in District 48B.

Loon, from Eden Prairie, is in her third term, and is deputy minority leader in the House.

She was challenged for the endorsement by Sheila Kihne, an activist and author who has been a strong opponent of gay marriage. Neither received  enough support for endorsement after many ballots; neither announced their primary plans.

Only one of the four Republicans who voted with DFLers to approve gay marriage has been endorsed by their party for re-election. State Rep. Pat Garofalo of Farmington, who made a lot of news with a tweet about the NBA over the weekend, did get endorsement.

But state Rep. David FitzSimmons, in his first term from Albertville, was challenged at his 30B convention, and decided not to seek re-election.

The fourth, Rep. Andrea Kieffer of Woodbury, announced in November that she would  not seek re-election.

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  1. Submitted by Mac Riddel on 03/10/2014 - 10:05 am.

    Gay marriage is barely a political issue. The bigger issue here is that State Rep. Jenifer Loon is spearheading the Sunday Sales liquor bill and should have been a shoo-in for another nomination! She’s a common-sense legislator attempting to push through a bill that would be beneficial for all. I didn’t know that teetotalism was so rampant in the Eden Prairie area.

    Let’s help push the Sunday Sales bill through this year!

  2. Submitted by jason myron on 03/10/2014 - 08:30 pm.

    All of her constiuents

    think the exact same way? How convenient.

    • Submitted by John Appelen on 03/11/2014 - 08:35 am.

      Please clarify

      Not sure about what all you mean?

      But if a majority of the citizens in a district vote one way, and the representative chooses to ignore their voice. The politician will need to answer for this in the next election. This seems pretty common sense…

      And if they violate the party platform, that likely makes it even more challenging.

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