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Southwest light-rail controversy explained — with puppet and toy train

In an attempt to simplify the Southwest light-rail controversy, Minnesota Public Radio teamed up with the Choo Choo Bob  Show to tell the story.

They came up with this video, which attempts to show, in easy-to-understand ways, why it seems each proposed solution to the problem raises new issues with one city or stakeholder somewhere along the line.

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  1. Submitted by David Markle on 03/31/2014 - 06:51 pm.

    high density areas

    Seems to me an LRT train shouldn’t go through a dense area unless it’s elevated, tunneled, or along an expressway. Otherwise a rail in such an area ought to be a streetcar line that isn’t meant to go faster than roadway traffic, and wouldn’t have such disruptive infrastructure. Cases in point Hiawatha Blue Line, can move rapidly and efficiently in its siting along a highway (except for downtown.) Central Corridor Green Line, on a street where the train can’t be a train (must stop at red lights) and isn’t any good as a streetcar.

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