Amtrak passenger trains will switch to St. Paul’s Union Depot on May 7

Amtrak’s passenger service in the Twin Cities finally will shift to St. Paul’s restored Union Depot on May 7.

The service, with daily trains heading east and west, has been operating for years from a small station in St. Paul’s Midway area. But the return of Amtrak to downtown St. Paul was a major goal of the $243 million  renovation of the Union Depot, completed at the end of 2012. Logistics have delayed the Amtrak switch, though.

Starting May 7, the westbound train is scheduled to arrive in downtown St. Paul at 10:03 p.m. and depart at 10:10 p.m.

Starting May 8, the eastbound train will arrive 7:52 a.m. and depart at 8 a.m.

Metro buses also use the Union Depot, and there will be a station there for the new Green Line light rail connecting the downtowns of St. Paul and Minneapolis when it starts running this summer.

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  1. Submitted by David Markle on 04/03/2014 - 07:11 am.

    Nice building, but is it good for Amtrak?

    Mayor Coleman may be tickled, but will Amtrak customers want to go to downtown St. Paul just to get on the train? The Central Corridor Green Line LRT won’t be of much help, as it will take more than 40 minutes to get to Union Depot from downtown Minneapolis, and to drive there means a problem for those who need long-term parking. Very nice, but Amtrak had better keep using the present station as well, where it’s easy to park.

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