Minneapolis Bike Week offers organized events for pedalers

Minneapolis Bike Week is now underway, with organized events for pedalers scheduled for each day through Sunday.

Organizers hope to encourage non-riders to take to the streets on bicycles by organizing more than 50 events during the week. Included are free bike lights, bike repair, support and encouragement to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable for novice bikers.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition sponsors the events, with help from local institutions, businesses, schools and organizations.

More information on specific events are available online.

The group explains the themes for each day:

Tuesday, May 6: Nice Ride Day

You’ve seen the iconic green bikes throughout Minneapolis. By mid-2014, more than 700,000 rides were taken on Nice Ride bikes. Now it’s your turn to join in the fun! On Nice Ride Day, stop by a station demonstration location to pick up your free pass and a helmet to try out a Nice Ride bike – there will be plenty of people throughout town to help make your  Nice Ride experience safe and fun.

Wednesday, May 7: Bike to School Day

Parents, staff and students at Minneapolis Public Schools, University of Minnesota, Augsburg University and more will be celebrating Bike to School day with free tune-ups, bicycle light giveaways and celebrations at individual schools throughout the day. Not riding to school? Don’t miss the Commuter Pit Stops throughout Minneapolis featuring free bicycle tune-ups, snacks, bicycle lights and resources.

Thursday, May 8: Bike to Work Day

Continuing the annual celebration at Government Plaza, Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, Hennepin County and the Office of the Mayor of Minneapolis will host a morning party for bicycle commuters featuring free coffee, light breakfast snacks and prizes from local bicycle friendly businesses. Minneapolis City Council Members will be leading rides from their wards to the morning celebration downtown. This is one commute you don’t want to miss!

Friday, May 9: Bike and Ride Day

Want to ride a short distance, but travel farther? Stop by one of Metro Transit’s Park-and-Ride locations with your bike and you ride into the city for free! Commuting in the city? It’s the last day to visit a Commuter Pit Stop with free tune-ups, bicycle lights, snacks and resources to take with you.

Saturday, May 10: Bike to Local Businesses Day

Minneapolis is a fantastic place to live, work and play – and that’s in no small part due to how friendly our local, independent businesses are to people riding their bikes. Enjoy discounts at some of your favorite businesses and check out a block party! Block parties – several with live, local music – will be held in the following areas: East Harriet, Kingfield, Lake Street, Northeast, North Loop and Tangletown.

Sunday, May 11: Mother’s Day & Family Bike Day

Minneapolis neighborhoods are special; there’s no better way to experience them then taking a bicycle ride with your family. Minneapolis neighborhoods feature gardens, historical sites, beaches, lakes, golf courses, our neighborhoods and more. Ride with your family to a park, and take in some of the best outdoor spaces in the country. Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition will also be hosting several family bike rides throughout the day.

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  1. Submitted by mark wallek on 05/06/2014 - 09:58 am.

    Here are some great events not happening

    1. Rode rule course: training in following the rules of the road for genuine co-existence with cars.
    2. How to select, purchase and install front and rear lighting for safe night riding.
    3. A physical demonstration of signaling left and right turns.
    4. What to do when you hit a pedestrian (other than ride away fast).
    5. Why insurance for cyclists is going to become a necessary thing in the very near future-see above.
    6. Perhaps most important: how to ride single file in single lanes.
    I like bikers on the road for the most part, though few really demonstrate a skilled ability to be a part of the overall picture instead of the special circumstance that must be given the special attention that leads to just another distraction. And bikers need to remember: NO LIGHTS, NO REFLECTIVE CLOTHES AND YOU ARE NOT VISIBLE AT NIGHT.

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