Minnesota’s international exports flat in 2013

Minnesota’s international exports worth $20.7 billion in 2013, dropping a tiny fraction from what they’d been as they’d been the previous year.

That includes manufactured, mining and agricultural products. In 2012, the total was $20.8 billion.

Minnesota remains at 20th among the states in export totals.

The state’s export of manufactured products, by far the biggest category for Minnesota, grew 3.3 percent last year, to $19.3 billion.

The biggest markets, by country, were:

  • Canada at $5.8 billion, down 8 percent from the previous year
  • China ($2.5 billion, down 1 percent)
  • Mexico ($1.5 billion, up 14 percent)
  • Japan ($1.1 billion, down 10 percent)
  • Germany ($760 million, up 4 percent)
  • Belgium ($721 million, up 12 percent)
  • South Korea ($624 million, down 12 percent
  • The Philippines ($552 million, up 11 percent)
  • The United Kingdom ($528 million, up 3 percent)
  • The Netherlands ($521 million, up 17 percent).

Among the big gainers during the year were aircraft/spacecraft products to the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia and denatured alcohol, related to the ethanol industry, to Canada.

The state is opening new international trade offices in South Korea, Brazil and Germany, which are expected to attract more foreign sales for Minnesota companies.

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